Our pets are loved and lost.
Throughout the years, many will cross the
Rainbow Bridge.
If you would like to have your pet remembered
on Our Rainbow Friends site,
please contact us by email,

~ ~ ~
We will need your name,
your pets name,
the name of your blog
and the link to your blog,
if you are an active blogger.
Please include the years, dates or
age of your pet.
~ ~ ~
If you have a favorite photo, or a memory
picture you would like for us to use,
please include it with your email.
It is preferred for you to send a large, jpg file;
small images cannot be enlarged.
If you would like for us to enhance your
photo, please send the original image you would
like used, and we will format for this blog.
~ ~ ~

If you are a friend of one who has recently
lost a pet, we invite you to email us with
any information so we may follow up
with the owner to post an image for them.
You need not be a pet blogger to participate,
this site is intended to honor and remember
all lost pets.

By submitting information and a photograph of
your pet, you are giving Our Rainbow Friends
express permission to post to this site.

Thank You.